Gas Cylinder Container GCS210

These gas cylinder containers offer the highest level of security of any cylinder container on the market. Galvanised corrugated steel walls make this enclosure almost inpenetrable.

  • External dimensions: 2,350mm high x 2,170mm wide x 995mm deep
  • Internal dimensions: 2,000mm high x 2,000mm wide x 790mm deep
  • Closed container for the legally compliant storage of pressurised gas cylinders
  • Galvanised for outdoor use
  • Ventilation grids in the walls and grid shelf for ventilation from below
  • 2-wing door with safety lock
  • Individually adjustable retaining devices for gas cylinders
  • Delivered ready to use
  • Max. Storage capacity: 21 x 50 litre cylinders
  • Galvanised or galvanised then overpainted options available

Lead Time: Approx 3 weeks

Gas Cylinder Container GCS210
Gas Cylinder Container GCS210
 GCS210 Cylinder Container - Galvanised
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 GCS210 Cylinder Container - Galvanised+Painted
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